Core Competencies


High Precise Handling System by using: servo motor, precise air cylinder, DD servo motor, conveying system…etc.

Mechanical Alignment

Mechanical guide or visual  system for centering, positioning, & feature recognition.


Parts pickup and assembly by vacuuming, clipping, pressing , electromagnet, and flipping.


Sensor inspection for vacuum, position, temperature, height, and torque…etc

Visual Recognition

Visual monitoring system for missing component,  insufficient material, shifting parts, and dispensing process.


Precise dispensing system of UV, thermos, composite glues, and solder paste.

Hot Riveting

Hot riveting process for plastic components by heat pressing or pulse system.

Glue Curing

UV curing system by using  LED or UV LAMP.


Precise soldering system by using soldering bits, laser, or pulse system.


Non-stop feeding system for movement of spin, Up & Down, or storing.