Intelligent Material Management and Dispensing

Intelligent Material Handling & Dispensing

Intelligent Material Management
Intelligent Material Management


Intelligent Closed Loop System for Instant Visibility and Precision

Traditional ways to manage a wide range of material (components/parts) for production are slow, complex and error-prone. In addition, an outdated, manual driven system takes precious time away from doing what you do best. Our system revolutionizes the process. With the combination of intelligent IoT sensors, you will be reassured that materials are managed properly with real-time updates to your MES system.

Optimizes Production Workflow

A manual and disconnected material management system can influenece all facets of manufacturing processes. The journey to a smart factory floor will require a novel technological solution that transfers how material (components/parts) are distributed from storage to the production line and ensures the right material are delivered to the right personnel at the right time with zero errors. That is part of our material management and dispensing system designed to optimize the production workflow so that factory personnel can spend more time on other meaningful work.

Real Time Tracking

The intelligent IoT sensors tracks all the data in the material storage and dispensing. Factory personnel will be notified the real time status including inventory, dispensing, and restocking. Our automated dispensing cabinets are design with flexibility and adaptability in mind. It provides a safe environment for materials of different form factors and items of different storage requirements. The variety of drawers in size and type help manage different parts at a security level of your choice. Our system empowers personnel to shift away from manual and error-prone tasks.

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