Lens Barrel Assembly Machine

Lens Barrel Assembly Machine


Lens are made up of a group of lens elements. In camera lens production, the lens elements are required to be assembled with the lens barrel at a very high precision. This machine accepts separate feeding of lens and lens barrel and then inserts each lens elements (up to a maximum of 12 lens elements for each lens) into the lens barrel by using computer vision.

Until recently, this assembly process has to be completed using semi-automatic machine with manual labor. And it is extremely challenging to precisely control the placement and/or the height of each lens element. Manual labor inevitably increases the likelihood of damaging the lens resulting in lower yield.

The short cycle time is the fastest to-date in the industry. It is achieved by an optimized operation sequence. The system is designed with ease of use and trays can easily be placed inside or removed from the system.  The assembled parts are then orderly placed in the output tray without any intervention of an operator. This not only significantly increases the throughput and the yield but at the same time avoid any human errors or any unnecessary risks of contamination from the operator.

The automated lens assembly system is equipped with clean room FFUs that can be placed inside any cleanroom environments. It is the perfect solution to increase your production throughput while boosting a higher quality of the final product.

Model: PLA-T01N-A System Specification

  • Cycle Time is less than 8 second
  • Motor System is servo-based
  • Supports Lenses Sizes: ψ2.8mm~ψ15mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.010mm (positioning); ±0.001mm (height)
  • Compressed Air: 6Kg/f cm2 100L/min
  • Power: 3-phases, AC 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 2.0KW
  • Dimensions: 1850(L) x 1550(W) x 1700(H) mm
  • Weight: 700Kg
  • Optional FFU for clean room operation